giovedì 29 luglio 2010


Aw10/11 collection "Walk the LIGHT" tells about walks that you have in the dark, at nights, it's about illuminated Windows that give moments of insight while passing them, about a light cone of a pocket lamp, about beaming Spotlights wandering around, detecting, blinding, searching, finding, focusing. Hidden Beauty, ordinary banal structures we come across everyday get spotted and highlighted, such as road/sidewalk surfaces you walk on, wood grain of a chair, PVC floorings etc. The collection, as a Journey , a Walk of Senses, connects to daily surroundings , to Spaces and places we're living at, to Objects and structures. It's the attempt to search and find the very "special" that is inherent in so many things of our daily life, to search and find the outstanding - to give in the "Magic".

each role:
Anne, as a Graphic Designer deals within the areas of printing, artworking, colours, fabrics etc. Christian as a fashion designer is in charge of pattern making, prototypes, product development and so on. The design process happens within the both of us. Each of us is, more or less, concerned with everything.

characteristics of our clothes:
Clear, reduced and simplified, rather than decorated, complex in detail, importance of quality (fabrics, manufacturing etc.), haptics and individuality of each garment. Conceptual working runs throughout the range, so as several working techniques that get visible in different ways. Just like the printingprocess of the clothes, which is actually a paperprinting technique.
All in all the collections are quiet and harmonic - in detail complex and intense.
Graphics/Colors are handpainted or handprinted by ANNTIAN, which makes every piece unique and "abnormal". Of great importance for ANNTIAN is the closeness to the product, and it's regional manufacturers, so as the increasing usage of ecological fabrics and materials. The clothes are full of hidden details, conceptual authorised, differing and individual.
In our work we combine fields of graphics and fashion. The Idea or the feeling we want to create "grows" coherent, within the working process.
Expressions of graphic elements and shapes are allways based on the theme contents we're presenting within the collection.

field of inspiration:
in general we are fascinated by mistakes, errors, disharmonies and abnormalities, unusualities, uncommen things, defects etc.
Nature is also a very important field of inspiration on the one hand side - on the other there's the vanguards in the field of technics that are of interest for us.
As we recognize that our way of working is often constructivistic, we can say that we feel related to Constructivism in some ways.
Also Architecture is allways a great field to look at.
In our collections we're trying to create an entire vision and mood, within a transfer to the "Interieur", Furniture, etc.

A huge part of the line is manufactured entirely by ANNTIAN - from A-Z. Plus we work together with small, local Manufacturers, all located in Germany mostly in and around Berlin. Origin of the used fabrics and Yarns is mostly Germany, Italy and France with a great focus on the ecological segment.

attitude / opinion of fashion:
Part of everyones, everyday - life! We feel rather close to the term „clothes“ than to the connotations that „fashion“ offers. As painters paint, and writers write - we‘re making clothes, so maybe it‘s them to express the best how we see fashion!
But still: For us Fashion is certainly not a trend, it‘s about colours, moods, "freedom of mixing up", harmonies and disharmonies. It‘s the people that bring „Beauty“ to fashion, not the other way around!